For this project I chose a series of short story books by Neil Gaiman. The genre of the short story books isfantasy fiction. For inspiration, I visited independent book stores and researched current industry trends in book cover design. Two trends that stood out to me included “Big Book” design (bold colors, prominent author name and title) and orange and yellow colors. After seeing how effective these design trends appeared, I decided toincorporate this into my jacket cover designs. The book titles also acted as a guide for the type of images used for the covers. The titles include “Fragile Things,” “Smoke and Mirrors,” and “Trigger Warning.” After laying out my ideas, I decided to use two symbolic photos that would blend together with each other and the background. The “Fragile Things” cover includes a butterfly flying through shattered glass while the “Smoke and Mirrors” coverconsists of a mask with feminine eyes floating in smoke. The final cover features a black wolf emerging from storm clouds.
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